Express Travel Network Members Say “I Do” To Honeymoon In Cancun

Express Travel Network recommends you Cancun the land of fantastic beaches, beautiful shores and myriad attractions as this sure can be the best destination for the couples who have just tied the nuptial knot and are yearning to honeymoon in the area. There are many resorts that only cater to couples and adults and offer them

01 Apr 2014

Express Travel Network Offers You Affordable Vacation Ideas

Express Travel Network recommends you to explore the National Parks as there is a very small entrance fee and some parks even allow camping within their limits. This helps the tourist to save on their accommodations and helps to reduce the cost of their vacation too. Though there are many well known parks that attract thousands

17 Mar 2014

Express Travel Network Recommends Parque Nacional Marino Arreciffes De Cozumel, For Scuba Diving

Express Travel Network recommends tourists to escape to the tropical bliss of Cozumel, where the blue turquoise waters and the rhythms of the wind and the water enchant your spirits. Right from the vibrant energy of Cozumel’s natural wonders to the tranquil beauty of the area, Cozumel is truly a magical destination to enjoy a

04 Mar 2014

Express Travel Network Takes You On A Whale Watching Trip To Costa Rica

Express Travel Network discovered Costa Rica to be the most mesmerizing destination for the entire family to rejuvenate and enjoy together. The exuberant sights of nature and its beautiful beaches make Coast Rica the destination of your dreams. Express Travel Network works up in maximizing value on your travels in Costa Rica and guides you

10 Feb 2014

Express Travel Network Share Tips to Ward Of Becoming Seasick While Scuba Diving

Express Travel Network gives everyone recommendations to steer clear of seasickness whilst diving to ensure you are able to get pleasure from the under the water adventure much more. Whilst preparing your scuba diving adventure travelers should never forget to think about a backup plan to manage their seasickness. Seasickness is a type of motion

05 Dec 2013

Express Travel Network Offer You Options To Enjoy Costa Rica The Way You Want

Express Travel Network recommends to the adventurers who are ready to enjoy the ideal side of Costa Rican jungles, to book a Jungle Safari Tour that starts directly from the resorts. The adventure seekers have the choice of enjoying ATV Tours, Kayak River Tours and elevated drop courses, suspended by bridges, pulley and other gears.

25 Nov 2013

Express Travel Network Members Explore Bryce Canyon

Express Travel Networkmembers have already explored the wonders of Bryce Canyon, why not set out and explore it yourself?  Although it is not listed as one of the natural wonders of the United States, it could very well be.  Perhaps overshadowed by the nearby Grand Canyon, this national park should draw your attention as well.

29 Oct 2013

Express Travel Network Shares Information You Should Know Prior To International Travel

Express Travel Network wishes to remind you if you’re planning a trip to an international destination, you need to be aware of several things.  If you take care of these things ahead of time, you could avoid many problems that could arise while traveling.  The problems created could cost traveler money, time or other consequences that

02 Oct 2013