Make the Trip through TSA Checkpoints Faster with Express Travel Network

Girl at the aiport reads about TSA guidelines

Learning about TSA friendly backpack with Express Travel Network

Express Travel Network understands that tunning through the airport to catch a flight is already stressful enough. With remembering to arrive early enough to get to the gate on time, checking your bags, and trekking the airport to find the gate, it can feel like there just isn’t enough time.

One place that can be time consuming without the proper preparations is going through TSA. Here are a few TSA checkpoint tips shared by Express Travel Network to make the process easier, as there are several things to know before getting there.

Try to keep pockets empty. Store anything that’s normally put in those pockets into your carry-on bag, and if that includes a wallet, make sure to take out your I.D., as you’ll need that along with the boarding pass. This way, there won’t be too much of a delay because of all the time spent digging through pockets to get everything into their plastic bins.

Wear shoes that are easy to take off. This is an essential step in going through TSA, and if it takes undoing laces, Velcro straps, and several other contraptions on some shoes, it can take a lot of time to complete just this one step. If it’s a leisurely trip, consider wearing flip-flops or tennis shoes that come off easily.

Be educated on what items are prohibited to bring onto the plane. Remembering not to store liquids above 3 ounces, sharp objects, and other prohibited items in your carry-on bags can save a lot of time. Also remember to take out your laptops, as TSA now enforces that they be out of bags when going through the x-ray machines.

Express Travel Network advises that these steps can be helpful, especially if there’s a time crunch for getting to the flight on time.

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Express Travel Network Helps Visitors with Basic Spanish Phrases of Ordering Food

Express Travel Network

Express Travel Network

Express Travel Network is always looking for ways to share the world with its members and there’s no better way to learn about culture than trying its food. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to communicate what you want while visiting a foreign country. Here are a few tips for ordering food while in a Spanish-speaking country.

Ordering food

The most polite way to order while in a Spanish speaking country is to begin by saying ”me gustaria” meaning “I would like” and finishing with the Spanish word for please, “por favor”.

Here’s a list of a few common food items:

  • Chicken- El pollo
  • Beef- El carne de res
  • Pork-El cerdo
  • Fish- El pescado
  • Rice- El arroz
  • Beans- los frijoles

So here’s an example of how the Express Travel Network would order:  “Me gustaria el polloporfavor”or in English “I would like the chicken please.”

Ordering drinks

After you order your food, your server will most likely as what you would like to drink. Your server will ask in one of two ways, either “para beber” or “para tomar”, both mean the same thing.  Here are a common list of drinks to help you answer shared by Express Travel Network. When answering, simply state the drink you would like and add “por favor.”

Here’s Express Travel Network’s list of common drinks:

  • Water- agua
  • Tea- Té
  • Beer- cerveza
  • Soda- refresco
  • For Here or To Go?

The last question a server will normally ask is whether you would like to eat at the restaurant or take your food home. They will ask in Spanish “¿para llevar o poraqui?” This means “To go or for here?” To answer, simply state either “para llevar” if your order is to go or “para aqui” if your order is for here.

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Express Travel Network Addresses Health and Safety on Vacation

Regardless of the destination, Express Travel Network believes that it is absolutely essential for travelers to remain both healthy and safe during a vacation. This will keep travelers happy and able to continue enjoying a relaxing experience away from home. Whenever visiting a destination for the first time, doing research will help travelers be more familiar with the area and learn of any important considerations. Knowledge is power. Even if a vacation spot has many positive reviews, it is always favorable to know any information possible.

Vacations are the perfect opportunity to sample cuisine that might not be common to the traveler. While this can be very exciting, Express Travel Network knows it is also important to be aware of potential risks. Travelers with any food allergies should inquire about the ingredients in a dish before it is too late. Moreover, travelers should be aware of the risks associated with eating raw or undercooked foods. In some cases, it is recommended not to drink tap water. Sticking to bottled water is always a safer option to ensure a more pleasant vacation experience.

Travelers should always let family members and close friends know the details of vacation. This is a key step to take in the event that somebody needs to be contacted. The whereabouts of a traveler are also important in case contact with loved ones back home is suddenly lost.

These are some practical tips to follow that will ensure greater safety and health for travelers.

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Express Travel Network Discusses What Not to Bring on Vacation

Wherever going on vacation, Express Travel Network wants travelers to know that it is important to leave certain belongings at home. Items belonging to travelers can have monetary value, sentimental value, or are generally not needed to bring on vacation. Therefore, it is better to avoid packing such belongings to avoid any of it being lost, damaged, or even stolen.

Primarily, it is best to be selective about what to pack in order to have lighter luggage. This will make transporting suitcases much easier and could save the traveler money by not having to pay extra fees at the airport for heavier baggage. A vacation is meant to be a temporary stay, not a permanent one. Therefore, packing everything but the kitchen sink is unnecessary.

Express Travel Network also believes that travelers should refrain from packing large quantities of jewelry and other items of high value. The risk of them being damaged in transit or lost during any time of the trip is too high. Limiting these items on vacation will prevent such unfortunate results.

Many hotels will provide toiletries to guests. This will allow a traveler to pack less items for personal care. Of course, it is best to be prepared and have items that might not be readily available on vacation, but much of it that can be found in accommodations will still reduce the amount that needs to be packed.

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Express Travel Network Shares a Great Way to Save on Travel

At Express Travel Network, it is a priority to provide travelers with valuable information regarding travel as well as suggestions to make any vacation the best it can possibly be. Traveling on vacation is an exciting experience to enjoy exhilarating adventures, the ultimate in relaxation, delicious food, and the chance to absorb the culture and history of a region.Best of all, there is an effective way to save money when traveling.

There are many ways to find great deals on vacations. Express Travel Network recommends to travel during the off season to take advantage of the savings. This applies to just about any destination when going on vacation. Certain areas are extremely popular in the summertime, resulting in a higher demand for services and products that cause prices to be higher. Going during the off season will allow the traveler to find better deals and not have to be around as many large of crowds compared to the summer. For travelers who are able to take vacation time during the off season, it is a perfect opportunity to get amazing discounts.

In some cases, the weather of a vacation destination can be cooler during the off season. This is ideal for travelers who do not favor the warmer weather of the summer. The lack of other vacationers can also help generate a more personal vacation experience. Travelers are sure to enjoy a vacation during the off season.

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Express Travel Network Shares Tips about When Things are Open in Mexico

If you are at home, you know what time the bank opens and what times your favorite stores are open. If you are traveling in Mexico, you may be caught by surprise if you do not know the way that businesses work ahead of time. Mexicans are famous for taking siestas in the middle of the day and this causes many tourists a lot of heartache. Below, Express Travel Network offers a list of operating hours for many things that tourists are looking for in Mexico.

  • Shops – In the big cities and tourist areas, most shops open up at 10 or 11 in the morning. They will stay open until late in the evening to garner the most business they can from tourists. Smaller towns are a different story. There many businesses will close between 2 and 4 pm for a midday siesta. Do not be surprised if you see this happen.
  • Churches – Some churches are always open and will list the times they hold services. Express Travel Network points out that there are many churches that keep their doors locked except during the services to protect their valuables.
  • Museums – Most museums are open in the mid-morning similar to the shops but they close early in the evening. Many are closed at least one day of the week and that is often on a Monday.
  • Archaeology sites – Most are open from 8 am to 5 pm although in heavy tourist areas and seasons those hours can be extended. Express Travel Network advises travelers that it is also common for them to be closed on Mondays.
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Express Travel Network Members Say “I Do” To Honeymoon In Cancun

Express Travel Network recommends you Cancun the land of fantastic beaches, beautiful shores and myriad attractions as this sure can be the best destination for the couples who have just tied the nuptial knot and are yearning to honeymoon in the area. There are many resorts that only cater to couples and adults and offer them easy access to private beaches, Ocean front suites and luxuries of stylish living. Newly married couples in love can spread their wings and enjoy all sorts of land and water recreational and eco-exploration that ends up giving them the experience from another dimension.
Express Travel Network says that the beauty and the glamour of Cancun can add an exact blend of fun and romance in the honeymoon experience .Enjoying the honeymoon packages at the all inclusive resorts offer you everything that you have ever dreamed of. Cancun is said to be the gateway to the Mayan world as there are many famous ruins that speak out stories of the past cultural traditions of the area and people interested in the mystique culture of Cancun love to explore these beautiful ruins.
Express Travel Network says that most of the Cancun resorts offer destination wedding services all due to its year round warm weather and tropical settings. The choice is simply your as you can get married on a boat, request a typical Mexican wedding and the traditional wedding ceremony to integrate in the culture of your holiday destination. You sure will get to enjoy the efficient services of the onsite resort wedding contactor who is ready to make all the arrangements and take care of everything from flower arrangements, music and Photography. The wedding planning campaigner will guide you to the ideal spot to tie the wedding knot.
Express Travel Network offers honeymoon couples to enjoy a snorkeling experience even if they are not expert swimmers so that they can romance in the splendors of the underwater world. They can even rent the snorkeling equipment and enjoy the beautiful coral formations that hold abundant marine creatures. Plus the couples who want to learn diving can enroll in the Dive Centers and enjoy diving lesson and learn to swim without any inhibitions.
Express Travel Network recommends that the honeymoon suites of the top notch resorts offer every imaginable service guaranteeing comfort and convenience.

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Express Travel Network Offers You Affordable Vacation Ideas

Express Travel Network recommends you to explore the National Parks as there is a very small entrance fee and some parks even allow camping within their limits. This helps the tourist to save on their accommodations and helps to reduce the cost of their vacation too. Though there are many well known parks that attract thousands of tourist each year, there are also many small parks that offer a rugged experience for less money. You can walk ahead to the Isle Royale National Park in Michigan which is accessible by boat and offers impressive wildlife. While the tourists who want to experience Alaskan like wilderness wander of to the North Cascades National Park in Washington. It gives the tourist the chance to enjoy the Glacier, miles of Backpacking Adventure and Hiking Trails.
Express Travel Network members know that it is a real challenge to choose the perfect vacation spot as there are plenty of destinations that are a must see sight. So once you decide where to travel during your holidays you need to spend some time researching online and look for all the top attractions that your holiday destination has to offer. Family vacations produce good memorizes to last you a lifetime and help to create beautiful moments too. Though planning a vacation brings with its own stresses but the most avoidable source of stress is the high cost of travel. But with a little bit of flexibly and planning you can enjoy a cost effective beach vacation that will be thrilling and exciting as any holiday that you ever dreamed of.
Express Travel Network advice tourist to travel off season as this helps to reduce the cost of your vacation because the rates of accommodation are quiet low. Travelers should look into the least expensive ways to reach and enjoy their holiday destination. If they are traveling by road they need to pack all their camping gear and save the cost of accommodation by setting up camps at the camp grounds of their holiday destination.

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Express Travel Network Recommends Parque Nacional Marino Arreciffes De Cozumel, For Scuba Diving

Express Travel Network recommends tourists to escape to the tropical bliss of Cozumel, where the blue turquoise waters and the rhythms of the wind and the water enchant your spirits. Right from the vibrant energy of Cozumel’s natural wonders to the tranquil beauty of the area, Cozumel is truly a magical destination to enjoy a romantic adventure holiday in. Imagine being able to enjoy the Mexican culture and discovering its history in its beautiful resorts town of Cozumel that turns your dream vacations into reality.

Express Travel Network knows that most of the tourists’ attractions of Cozumel are concentrated around its capital town San Miguel. Tourists can book on guided tours and enjoy eco-excursions learning about the environment and the way to conserve it for the future generations to come. Parque Nacional Marino Arrecifes de Cozumel, a national marine park offers some of the best scuba diving sites, while deep-sea fishing and glass bottom tours are also part of the fun and adventure experiences that you get to enjoy there. Another way to enjoy Cozumel’s beautiful coastline is to hop on an Atlantis Submarine and enjoy a tour of the underwater world marveling at the colorful marine attractions and enjoying spectacular scenery without even leaving   your air-conditioned seats. These submarines are fully air-conditioned and are suitable for a family adventure.

Express Travel Network says that the adventurous tourist can take a scenic flight and swim with the whale sharks as this incredible tour is available for a very short season, as the whales and sharks swim the water from June to September. Tourists get to travel in a small aircraft that takes you from Cozumel to the island from where you can easily set a sail on a boat and start of in search of the biggest whale on this earth. The Chankanaab National Marine Park and Cozumel’s Dolphin Discovery Park offers the perfect day out for the family vacationers. The whole family gets to enjoy marine related activities, swim with the friendly dolphins and interact with them.

Express Travel Network says that the best way to enjoy a hassle free vacation in Cozumel is to try to contact good travel agents, who know how to devise up the best holiday plans and book you into suitable lodgings all in a cost effective way offering you amenities that you never even dreamed possible.

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Express Travel Network Takes You On A Whale Watching Trip To Costa Rica

Express Travel Network discovered Costa Rica to be the most mesmerizing destination for the entire family to rejuvenate and enjoy together. The exuberant sights of nature and its beautiful beaches make Coast Rica the destination of your dreams. Express Travel Network works up in maximizing value on your travels in Costa Rica and guides you to some great local attractions where you may find ecstasy.

Express Travel Network recommends their guests not miss the experience of an exclusive array of healing with spa treatments while in Costa Rica. You may not really enjoy the massages anywhere in the world after relaxing in natures own warm therapeutic baths among the natural springs that emerge from the veins of active volcanoes.

Express Travel Network members also insist visitors to enjoy Costa Rica expunge at its best by hiking in the Tropical Forest of Corcovado National Park and spending some great time bird watching while numerous species from all over the world populate the forest cover, especially during winter season. Costa Rica is filled with the world’s most famous whale watching sites as an incredible variety of whales and porpoises visit its coasts round the year. You definitely wouldn’t want to miss watching the remarkable hump back whales of the arctic swimming around.

Express Travel Network recommends its active and energetic guests to soar like a bird in the sky taking a ride in humungous helium balloons which silently float over steep gorges giving you great snapshots to capture while you enjoy the most exhilarating experience of your life. Strolling the Botanicals Gardens and capturing the beauty of the Butterfly Garden are another treat that tourist to Coats Rica get to enjoy.

Express Travel Network members always visit La Negrita to see the Black Madonna and touch her as it is known to be so sacred that your sins will be washed away just by visiting it. So Costa Rica tourists take the opportunity and pay homage to what the natives refer to as the Black Virgin Mary. Express Travel Network helps it guest to travel to Costa Rica and see the spectacular sight of the mini eruptions, artistically illuminating the dark sky at Arenal National Park.

Express Travel Network members can live a life of luxury in the most comfortable and economical accommodations available in Costa Rica all because of the efficient service and this is all due to the pre- planned arrangements made by such professionals.

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